Caffe Piansa, San Roque Marikina. A jail Inspired diner

Probably some of you are wondering why I posted another food entry in the midst of summer hype, I know I should somehow be posting a new travel destination beyond the usual or at least show off my fiery hot sexy body (nah! omit that fiery hot sexy body). Last year I featured Lilac Street, Marikina, a long stretched food haven longing to be discovered. This time let me give you a fair share of new food sanctum in the ever pleasing city of Marikina. A jail themed so called "beyond the usual" restaurant in Baranggay San Roque, a distictively themed diner that will capture the interest of food lovers.
I dragged my friend out for lunch, she was a bit skeptical with my invite but when I said I'll treat her, without any trace of hesitation she immediately agreed (who would refuse though?) We arrived just in time, just in time for store closing hours! We were not aware of their operating hours so we soon had to wait for another 3 hours or so, in such case better be familiarized and do some fact finding step through the web before bustling somewhere or you'll surely end up having the same plight.
We went back after 3 hours, 10 minutes before the store opens to be precised. We stuck outside til the staff opened the store. Luckily we were the only ones waiting so it was a perfect time to take photos without being mindful of how you look like while striking your best pose, you know when you're taking photos and some nosy strangers are looking at you, laughing?

Below are the photos of Caffe Piansa:

The interior redefines the ambiance of how it feels like to be incarcerated in a cozy approach. While waiting for the food to be served one of the staff (Wearing a prison uniform) approached and prompted to try taking photos on their mugshot corner, of course I did.

The food were also exquisite and appetizing. 

Mugshot corner
The electric chair

I was also amazed on how they cleverly conceptualized their menu, a prison inspired menu was really catchy and creative, not sure if there's any identical resto as Caffe Piansa  but I enjoyed my quick dine even so. 

Here are the list of their Menu:

Nacho- ₱250
Nacho Supreme- ₱250
Buffalo Wings- ₱180
Fish and Chips- ₱180
Chicken Fingers- ₱170
Mini Brushetta- ₱170
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks- ₱150

Feta and Citrus Salad
A mixture of citrus, croutons, bacon bits, slice pastrami in bed of romaine lettuce in a special blend of feta herd vinaigrette dressings  ₱220

Caesar Sala 
Crisp iceberg lettuce, croutons, bacon bits and shaved Parmesan ₱180

Chef's Salad 
Fresh green vegetables, fruyits and cold cuts with special house dressing ₱200

Chunky Pink Salmon Salad 
Norwegian pink salmon salad with toasted focaccia pesto bread ₱200

Mixed Vegies & Fruit cardamom Salad
Mixed fruits and vegetables in bed of romaine lettuce in cardamom honey dressing ₱190

Beef Shin Mango Salad
Pan seared beef shin strips with thai blend spices and iceberg lettuce, ripe mango cherry tomato, fresh mint tips and chopped roasted peanut ₱220

Turmeric gingered chicken sausage ₱120

Beef Estafa
red sirloin marinated in fennel garlic and soy sauce ₱130

Pork Homicide
Tender pork belly strips marinated in pineapple juice and fennel seed ₱130

Murdered Chicken
Version of Indonesian satay coated and grilled to perfection ₱120

Raped Fish
Breaded Mackerel Marinated in Indonesian Satay ₱120

Our kiddie special spaghetti pasta in bolognese sauce, cheesy meatballs and Parmesan cheese ₱180

Firing Squad 
Fresh tuna chunks, black & green olives, chives, capers, garlic & pessata tossed in spaghetti pasta ₱180

Penne Pasta tossed in pasta, anchovy fillet, capers, black & green olives and cayenne pepper ₱200

Electric chair
Fresh pesto sauce tossed in fettuccine pasta with pine nuts ₱150

Fettuccine pasta tossed in sauteed white shrimp, pesto sauce & button mushroom ₱190

Republican Marriage 
Traditional lasagna, chunky beef sauce, bechamel, baked with mozzarella and cheddar cheese ₱190

Creamy penne pasta with sauteed mixed veggies, served with grilled chicken fillet on top ₱210

Upright Jerker 
Fettuccine pasta with shrimp, mussel, crab stick and dory cubes ₱220

Electric Chair
Creamy fresh pesto sauce tossed in fettucini pasta with grilled chicken fillet on top ₱210

Lethal Injection 
Ultimate  fettuccini carbonara, sauted in button mushroom, tuna brine and bacon topped with basil chiffonade ₱220

Cement Shoes
Homemade beef ravioli pasta with two choices of sauce dressing: Red Pomodoro or Creamy pesto sauce ₱230

Gas Chamber
Chef's recommendation, fettuccine black pasta topped with traditional chicken schnitzel ₱280

freshly made tomato herb  toppings for vegetarians, chopped porcini, black fungus  & shittake mushroom ₱220

German Chair
Bolognese sauce with meatballs, ground beef with red and green bell pepper  ₱280

Cold Cell 
Tomato herb based in homemade crispy bacon and pimiento toppings ₱220

Cat O' Nine Tails
Farmer's ham, pepperoni sausage, balack olives and red green bell pepper ₱280

The Tub 
Mexican 4 cheese Pizza ₱260

White Torture 
Cream Fraiche-Yogurt based sauce, fresh tomato, sliced pickled garlic and fresh herb toppings, sprinkled in feta and mozzarella cheese ₱240

Barbeque based pizza and chicken strips, red and green bell pepper, sliced mushrooms and pineapple tidbits ₱260

Tucker Telephone 
Mildly spiced roasts beef, crisp onion rings, red and green bell pepper, capers and roasted garlic ₱280

San Juanico Bridge
Chopped crispy pork crackling, white onionn, green pepper and roated garlic ₱240

Heretics Fork 
Shrimp, onions, roated garlic in wine butter sauce ₱260

Wheel of Torture #1
Combination of Strappado, German Chair, Cold cell and waterboard ₱450

Wheel of Torture #2
Combination of White Torture, The Tub, Heretics Fork and San Juanico Bridge ₱450

Wheel of Torture #3

Combination of Strappado, Cold cell, The Tub and San Juanico Bridge ₱450

John Wayne Gacy (Illinois- Lethal Injection)
Tenderloin steak, grilled dory in alavar sauce, boneless grilled chicken barbeque, baked penne, and grilled prawn in goulash sauce and served with salad on side ₱550

Ricky ray Rector (Arkansas- Lethal Injection)
Tenderloin steak, lengua ala piansa, boneless grilled chicken barbeque, praw thermidore and pmodoro spaghetti pasta served with salad on side ₱550

Ronnie Lee Gardner (Utah-Firing Squad)
Tenderloin steak, baby back ribs, bacon and prawn roll, chicken flambe and pomodoro pasta served with salad on side  ₱550

JPA (Jose, Pineda, Aquina) (Philippine-Electric Chair)

Roast beef, boneless grilled chicken barbeque, dinakdakan and grilled prawn in goulash sauce served atchara on side ₱550

Tenderloin ₱380
Porterhouse ₱480
US Delmonico ₱390
Salisbury Mushroom Steak ₱280
New Zealand Rib Eye Steak ₱390
Classic Pork Baby Back Ribs ₱280

Chicken Teriyaki ₱230
Fried Cordon Bleu ₱240
Extra Crispy Fried Chicken ₱240
Traditional Chicken Schnitzel ₱210
Boneless Grilled Chicken Barbeque ₱240

Beef Salpicao ₱270
Korean Barbeque ₱210
Lengua Ala Piansa ₱240
Beef & Herb Rolled (Grilled) ₱260
Fillet Steak in Mushroom Sauce ₱260

Pork Belly Goulash ₱200
Roasted Porkloin in Milanese Sauce ₱200
Fillet Steak with Mexican Marinade ₱200

Dory Butter Melt ₱240
Prawn Thermidore ₱260
Grilled Tuna in Alavar Sauce ₱280
Steamed Dory in Coop Crab Sauce ₱240
Blue Marlin in Horseradish and Dill Pickles ₱280
Norwegian Salmon in Lemon Butter Sauce ₱320

Beef Burger ₱175
Chunky Tuna Sandwich ₱120
Clubhouse Supreme ₱280
Twin Chorizo Burger ₱180

Mashed Potato ₱25
Java Rice ₱35
Steamed Rice ₱30
Garlic bread ₱15
Soup of the Day ₱60

Brewed Coffee ₱40
HoT Choco ₱55
Hot Milk ₱55
Hot Tea ₱40

Red Iced Tea (Regular) ₱40
Red Iced Tea (Bottomless) ₱60
Pandan Iced tea ₱50
Pandan Iced tea (Bottomless) ₱70

Orange Juice ₱45
Mango Juice  ₱45
Pineapple Juice ₱45
Lemon Juice ₱45
Calamansi Juice ₱45

Ripe Mango ₱70
Green mango ₱70
Watermelon ₱70
Buko lychee ₱70
Cucumber and Lemon ₱70

Regular Coke ₱45
Coke Light ₱45
Coke Zero ₱45
Sprite ₱45
Royal ₱45

Iced Coffee ₱50
Iced Choco ₱65
iced Mocha ₱65
Four Season ₱70
Lemonade ₱70
Calamansi Soda ₱60
Mineral Water ₱30

San Miguel Lights ₱50
San Miguel pale ₱50

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