Ilocos Sur-Ilocos Norte's Tourist Spots

A renowned tourist destination dubbed as one of the New7Wonders Cities along with Beirut, Doha, Durban, Kuala Lumpur and La paz. Ilocos Sur has its standout appealing beauty that entice the heart of foreign travellers and Filipinos, the unbroken culture of our ancestors remained intact and unblemished.

I visited Ilocos Sur-Ilocos Norte Together with my colleagues during our rest days plus one vacation leave (3days in total) to at least satisfy and enjoy the trip. Since I had a contrasting shift they went ahead of me, it was 5am when I finished my shift, a dashed fleeting moment to move out the office and went straight to Partas bus station to grab the next bus schedule to Vigan was in fact nerve wracking, I waited like hell to catch the next bus trip bound to Vigan (4hrs) but I really didn't mind, I know everything was worth the wait.

My patience was kept high leveled, reckoned the 4 hour wait time plus the travel duration of 9 hours. I finally reached Vigan at 8pm, I wasted no time and had my camera ready for Calle Crisologo. Let me show you my Ilocos Sur Ilocos Norte Itinerary. First Stop, Calle Crisologo, Ilocos Sur.

Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo is a prominent tourist destination in Ilocos Region emblazoning the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines through higly maintained structures in the long stretch of the street. Several antique shops are available, native designed cafe's and restaurants are also abundant in the vicinity of Calle crisologo.

Vigan Empanada at Plaza Empanada

After night camera whoring at Calle crisologo my tummy summon to take my dinner, my long time craving for Vigan Empanada has just appeased and ended. 30 (all meat or special) for this delighting treat. I remember buying vigan Empanada here in Manila, it cost me 75 (all veggies), so go to Vigan if you want a low cost Empanada, just kidding.

We arrived in Vigan at 8pm, in such time most of the famous landmarks were not open, we were there for business trip and sadly we had to move to Ilocos Norte the next day, I missed numerous landmarks apparently but I promised myself to go back the soonest I can.

Another 5 hour long drive form Vigan Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte lies in the Northern tip of Luzon  with alluring scenic destination. Both municpaity of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos norte has its own unique charm incomparable to each other. Ilocos norte is rich with breathtaking natural sceneries making ilocos region a perfect spot for  free spirited traveler and cultural explorer.

Saud Beach, Pagudpud

Look at this powdery white sand and inviting clear water of Pagudpud. Saud beach is one of the leading beaches in the long stretch of Pagudpud. The Entrace fee is only 20, pitching of tent is 150, if you missed to bring yours you can to rent it for 500. Cottages are also available and prices may vary depending on your numbers.

Kabigan Falls

Another must visit destination in Ilocos Norte. Kabigan Falls is just less than 30 minute drive from Saud Beach with 30 minute trek, 20 for the entrance fee and tour guide fee depends on your conscience, please give a reasonable price. The ice cold water of Kabigan falls reminds me of Taytay falls in Laguna.

Patapat Bridge

Is in the lime light of the most talked about places in Ilocos region, a 1.3 km long snake like bridge that connects Vagayan Valley and Maharlika highway from Ilocos Norte, a projects from Marcos regime that rises along the coastline of Ilocos Region giving the tourist a fascinating view of the ocean.

Bantay Abot Cave

Lies in the small town of Baloi, Ilocos Norte, Bantay Abot Cave is an underrated destination in Ilocos Region, isn’t too well known as Bangui Windmill or Pagudpud Beach but certainly has its own charisma. It took us 10 minutes to reach Bantay Abot Cave from Kabigan falls, entrance fee is 20. The picturesque view of the shore and the cave itself was remarkable.

Baluarte Falls, Ilocos Sur

As I mentioned earlier this Ilocos tour was intended for a business trip so we had limited time to go around all the corners of Ilocos Region, we just visited the landmarks near our current location. On our last day we headed back to Ilocos Sur, this time we visited Sangbay Falls or often called Baluarte Falls in Baluarte Salcedo, Ilocos Sur. The Falls hasn’t had a slightest touch of exposure over the net though I found some photos in Google but no blog entries yet (as far as I’m aware of). No entrance fee, no Tour guide, lucky us to have friends residing near the falls.

I handled to survive this tour with a budget of 3000 in my pocket.
This concludes my Ilocandia trip, I will write an article inclusive of thorough details of each destination I featured, all the expenses and other relevant details..

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