Taytay Falls/Imelda Falls, Majayjay Laguna

A quick pre-summer getaway to satisfy my mad thirst for water activity has just started, It's been four months since I had a high time for water activity and this would be a good start for this year. This time I thought of temporarily going beyond cliche', no sand and sea this time.
We were in search of commendable location to spend our weekend escapade, we considered going to Mt.Romelo in the interest of visiting Buriwasan Falls, Lansones Falls, Sampaloc Falls and Batya Batya Falls but we came across some articles online with good feedback for Taytay falls in Majayjay Laguna. We thoroughly checked the reviews and reversed over to this itinerary with a hope that we made the right choice.
We tried our best to have the easiest route we could have yet it seemed that luck was not in our favor all the while. We originally planned to take the Sta.Cruz route as per suggestion of most people online but we had an abrupt change of plan and took San Pablo route instead.     

5am when my friend and I met at Jac Liner Kamuning Station, we had a bus ride bound to San Pablo, San Pablo to Nagcarlan then Nagcarlan to Majayjay, from Majayjay Terminal we rode a tricycle going to Taytay Falls. The entire trip was indeed debilitating I must admit, cutting trip was not really my type of thing.          

Heading down to the Falls
We reached Taytay Falls at around 10:30am and paid 20 for entrance fee, without further cause of delay we hiked down to our destination along the Forrest terrace with rippling stream of clear water evidence that something grand was waiting ahead of us.

And there it is, Taytay Falls! I've only seen this in google images, usually the virtual photos are better than the actual glimpse but this was far better from what I was seeing online, the monochromatic color of clear to turquoise water was majestic summate the golden colored rocks.
We hurriedly changed to our swimming apparel and plunged into the water without me even realizing that Taytay Falls/Imelda Falls is famous for its talked about icy cold water, it was really cold to the point that I couldn't extend further into the deeper part of the falls, I just thought of our 5hour journey that couldn’t just go into waste.

Who would say NO to this inviting Turquoise clear water? The Golden colored stone, the strew of sprinkling water and the ray of morning sun was perfectly beyond the norms, making it more majestic. It made me want to stay a bit longer than a day. 
We had canned goods for our lunch to lessen the travel expenses along the way, we found a best spot to settle our belongings. I didn't always have the privilege to take my lunch in a piece of hidden paradise so even if we only had canned goods I still felt like it was first class.

For those who are planning to visit the place please be considerate and have your snacks/meal beyond the swimming area to maintain the sanitation of the water.

After 3hrs of enjoyable stay in Taytay Falls we soon resolved to visit Malinao Spring & Resort, just a few steps away from the Resort you will reach Lucban Quezon. Malinao Spring & Resort is a small version of Taytay falls though the water was incomparable to Taytay's. Entrance fee is only 10, cottages are also available for only 400, during low season the rate is only 100 for the cottages.

Itinerary: Our Route

5AM Jac Liner Kamuning bound to San Pablo (135)

7:30AM Breakfast (35 Rice Meal)

8AM Jeepney Ride to Jeepney Terminal going to Nagcarlan (40)

8:45AM Nagcarlan to Majayjay terminal (16)

10:15AM Tricycle to Taytay Falls (180)

2PM Tricycle to Villa Malinao

2:30 Jeepney Ride from Malinao Spring & Resort to Majayjay terminal (16)

3:00 Jeepney Ride from Majayjay to Sta.Cruz (16)

3:30 H.M Transport bound to Cubao (140)

Upon the Jeepney rides (San Pablo to Nagcarlan-Nagcarlan to Majayjay) we had to wait couple of minutes before the vehicle departed as they need to fill all the passenger seats that was one of the major reasons why we missed the last trip from Majayjay to Taytay Falls, but no harm done.

Sta. Cuz Route (Best Option)

DLTB Buendia bound to Sta.Cruz (2-3hrs 140)

Sta.Cruz to Majayjay (35)

Majayjay to Taytay (16)

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