Malinao Spring & Resort, Majayjay Laguna

After having a great dip at Taytay Falls we headed to its neighboring resort just few minutes away from our main destination probably around 10 minute tricycle ride. I visited Malinao Spring Resort and had a quick glance of the underrated landmark as my friend from Manila recommended the place.
Malinao Spring Resort lies in the tip of Majayjay Laguna. A budget friendly resort accessible for all types of vehicle, just a few steps away from the resort you'll reach the town of Lucban, Quezon. Malinao Spring Resort is a smaller version of Taytay Falls though the water and earthy Forrest ambiance of Taytay Falls are incomparable. If you are hankering for a family vacation somewhere south you may try this resort though I would prefer to prioritize the major Falls/Resorts nearby especially if you're coming from Manila, It'd be a good place to visit along with the other places in Laguna.

Approximately 4-5 hour bus ride from Manila so like I mentioned above, I would really suggest to visit this resort along with some other places around like The Costales Nature Farm, Taytay Falls/Imelda Falls, Dalitiwan Resort or The Bato Spring in San Pablo. (sorry If I missed some important places). 
I have to admit, the Spring Resort  is not remarkably appealing but what I liked about it is the simplicity and its raw structure, the rural setting that reminds me of my hometown, I bet most of the  locals here have the same shared memories of this place.


Entrance Fee:  ₱10
Cottages: ₱400(Peak Season) and ₱100 (Low Season)

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