Alibijaban Island (ALIBIHABAN) San Andres, Quezon.

San Andres Quezon is a municipality in the southern tip of Quezon province, a subtle town with structurally rich culture and vast attraction in secrecy. 
Two years ago I was in search of the best Beaches in the Philippines when I stumbled upon few websites that unveils the charm of a secluded Island in San Andres Quezon, the Alibijaban Island (A-Li-Bi-Ha-Ban). Another stunning Island off to tourist radar soon I'll be conquering.
I've gone over some articles as a reference to the said Island, I approached one of the bloggers who wrote an article about Alibijaban and earnestly answered my questions, he even gave dope ideas that will help us on our travel escapade. It took me awhile to make this trip possible with numerous attempts asking different sets of friends willing to join me until one agreed. I was just wondering if the place was secured enough to visit since there were only few blog entries you can see on the web, another loads of paranoia conquers me (I'm writing this now with the recent fiery fallen 44 tragedy on my head**SNAP). My friends and I hastened the preparation and packed our stuff for this awesomest adventure.

Last week of March was the date of our trip, the buses bound to San Andres were very limited, Superlines only operates its direct trip bound to San Andres Thrice or Twice Daily so it was safe to assume that we will be taking an airconditioned bus at the very least but we were all wrong. We had an 11 hour butt-numbing journey way to San Andres Quezon via ordinary Bus. The entire journey was uncomfortable, passengers were loading their huge luggages in and out, some were inconsiderably chatting while we were trying to nap, I even spotted roosters on board so just imagine the entire situation.
The cold breeze of day break was whiffing pass our faces, we then started to appreciate the situation, we embraced the journey way to paradise. We observed that most passengers with tons of luggage/goods had to travel 6 hours from their hometown just to buy their needs so we felt a bit guilty by that. After 11 hour bus ride (4 or 5 stop-overs) we finally reached San Andres Quezon, we hired three "tri-bikes" or we also call it "Padyak" in tagalog heading to public market, after completing all our must-have's we headed to San Andres Port going to AlibiJaban Island.I lost connection and missed to contact the well known boat man in the Island good thing there's an available boat, the local boat-man charged us ₱40 per person, one way to Alibijaban Island, I was thinking kinda strange since our contact (well known boatman of the Island) bid ₱1500 round-trip, quite expensive I know.

On our second day we visited the the renowned sandbar of Alibijaban Island. The sandbar is accessible in 20 minute walk but due to searing heat of the sun we opted to rent a small boat which cost us ₱30/Head. We reached the Island sandbar in less than 10 minutes, the moment nature revealed its wonder in our very eyes we were all awestruck, I don't usually see triple sand bar in Manila so please forgive that "awestruck" thingy. We settled for 2 hours, a combination activities of bathing and photo whoring, it was already 12 noon when we decided to go back.

Let me tell you the story behind the photo of these two lovely girls of Alibijaban.
Ate Azenith asked two local girls to guide us going to specific part of the Island (to the concerete bridge with mangroves), then I heard the other girl (the girl in red) said "tara sama tayo para may picture naman tayo" (Let's go join them so we can at least have a photo taken). 

There you have it ladies! request granted!Sorry that we missed to give you girls a tip since we went for swimming right after you guide us. If I heard it correctly the name of the girl in red is Yvette, I also saw her photo in Ian's Article. On our way back to San Andrers I asked our in-charged boatman how much will it cost going back to the city proper, he said ₱750/₱150 per head on the contrary other local boatmen advised that it will only cost us ₱40 per person to cross the main point, we didn't bother digging more details and simply agreed on his bid, we just thought of it as a kindness in return, they were all nice after all.
For those who are planning to visit the Island, you may contact different boatman not because what we had was expensive but to give chance for the other boat-men on the Island, I guess it'll not be bad to patronize or try different host boatman this time, it would still be a big help for the local's livelihood.

I would like to commend the people of Baranggay Alibihaban for their warm hospitality, their kindness were extraordinary. They may be anticipated that most tourist were impotent of some chores, we thank them for cooking our every meal and their long patience in looking at all our needs especially Ate Azenith, of course we gave her a reasonable tip, I hope it was enough for her.

We're planning to go back before the school year starts to provide school supplies for the kids, I hope we can raise funds to help them. Let me share this; My friend from a well off family asked the local children what would they want to have when we go back, and some answered- "SKY FLAKES, LAPIS AT PAPEL" (skyflakes Cracker, Pencil and Paper), we were expecting a more luxurious answer like iceream or pizza, but SKYFLAKES? A deep felt sympathy hit me.

RECOMMENDED BOATMAN: Ronnel- 09097713714

• Entrance Fee- ₱30
• Stay over night with own tent- ₱100
• Stay overnight with room ₱500 (3pax)
• Kubo- ₱150
• Kubo with room- ₱250


• Umbrella- ₱150
• Tent-₱200
• Motorboat- ₱150
• Banca- ₱30

• Salbabida- ₱30


• 4:30am Bus ride bound to San Andres via Superlines  (₱450) (Limited Bus operation)
• Hired Tri-bike to Market, Market to Port (₱50/person)
• Boat ride to Alibijaban Island (₱40/person)
• Rented a room (500/night for 3pax)


• Boat ride to Alibijaban (in our case we paid ₱750)
• Bus ride via John Tom Express to Lucena Grand Terminal(₱180, discounted price, 6-7 hour      journey)
• Bus ride to Manila via Jam Transport (₱218, 3-4 hour journey)

BUDGET: ₱3000-₱4000 is morethan enough for 3D2N stay. Sum up all my itinerary expenses plus your food preference. 

Alibijaban Island is certainly a place to visit, the tranquil beauty of the Island and the humble character of the people  will captivate the heart of its visitor. The people of San Andres were very accommodating. My deepest thanks to everyone who guided us throughout our quick getaway. Once again, THANKS ALIBIJABAN!I will be back soon.

I hope my article helps!

Photo credits to: Sir Jhon Lopinac, Gretchen Vitales and Jeminah Imperial.
I brought my camera (without a memory card) 

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