Tamagoya Noodle House

I spent an entire decade around Soliven Avenue for the reason that just a couple of blocks away from Tamagoya was where I spent my life as a student. The restaurant always caught my attention but wasn't enticing enough to try and dine (Ironically), whenever I pass through a fleeting glance of this restaurant they're always close so I thought it wasn't worth the try. with my pure ignorance I just recently found out that their business hours are from 11am-2pm and 5pm to 9pm (All you can eat Style).
It was one gloomy weekend when we embarked our way to finally dine at Tamagoya Noodle House as per suggestion of my friend. It's Located in Soliven Avenue Mayamot, Antipolo City and it wasn't a problem getting there since I was pretty much familiar with the area, familiarity that I can even tell the establishments beside the restaurant(something to brag about *wink) though it took us a while to decussate the traffic jam, we were still able to catch the cutoff time. We've waited 10mins for seat availability and made an order after. I Had Stamina Ramen and Ebi katsu Don.

Ebi Katsu Don

- Katsu Don (Pork cutlet rice bowl) 158
- Oyako Don (Chicken & egg rice bowl) 148
- Kanitama Don (egg & crab stick rice bowl) 148
- Kara buta don (Stir fried pork with hot & spicy sauce rice bowl) 158
- Kara Age Don (Japanese Fried chicken rice bowl) 148
- Chuka Don (Stir fried vegetable with sea food in thick sauce rice bowl) 168
- Shogayaki Don (Stir fried rice pork with special ginger sauce rice bowl) 148
- Yakiniku Don (Stir fried beef with special sauce rice bowl) 158
- Ebi CHili Don (Shrimp with thick Chili sauce rice bowl) 198
- Kabayaki Don (Grilled pork & special sweet sauce with rice bowl) 178
- Gyu Don (Beef & Rice bowl) 158
- Ebi katsu Don (Breaded Shrimp rice bowl) 228
- Mabo Don (Chili Miso stir fried with tofu and ground pork with rice) 188
- Yakiniku Han (Stir fried beef & vegetable with rice) 168
- Shake Gohan (Seasoned Salmon flakes with sushi rice) 198


- Tori Zangi (Hokkaido Stir Fried Chicken) 158
- Ebi-Fry (Shrimp fry with Potato Salad) 198
- Ebi Chili (Shrimp with Thick Chili Sauce) 258
- Kara Age 148
- Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet with potato salad) 178
- Yaki Meshi (Japanese stir fried rice) 118
- Yaki Gyoza (Original Pan Fried Dumpling) 98
- Vegetable Salad 88
- Potato Salad 118
- Age Gyoza (Original deep fried dumplings) 118
- Harusame Salad 98
- Miso Shiru 1 (Japanese soy paste with fish soup stock with seaweed, tofu and spring onion) 48
- Miso Shiru 2 (Japanese soy paste with fish soup stock with tofu and spring onion) 48
Stamina Ramen


- Tamagoya Ramen (Noodles with special soy sauce soup base Nibuta ,Menna or Nori) 198
- Curry Ramen (Noodles with curry soup &pork with mixed vegetable) 178
- Pork Yaki Soba (Japanese strir fried noodles) 128
- Miso Ramen (Noodles with Japanese Miso paste base soup) 198
- Mabo Ramen (Chili miso based soup topped with stir fried tofu and ground pork) 148
- Beef Yaki Soba (Japanese stir fried rice noodles) 148
- Stamina Ramen (Noodles with chili miso paste base soup) 168
- Ankake yaki Soba (Stir fried noodles topped with rich thick sauce) 178
- Champon Ramen (Noodles with mixed vegetable & Japanese fish cake) 168
- Gomoku Ramen (Noodles with mixed vegetable sea food) 178
- Gomoku-Nanban Ramen (Noodles with hot &spicy mixed vegetable & sea food) 198
- Ja Ja Ramen (Noodles topped with house specialty sauce bamboo shoots and mushroom) 158
- Miraku Ramen (Topped with stir fried vegetable & caramelized ground pork) 198
- Hiyashe Ramen (cold Salad Noodles) 158
- Chuka Soba (Noodles with Soy based soup) 148

It was truly upsetting that I tried this a bit late that others considering my awareness on the existence of this food haven for several years now, I could have been the pioneer blogger to share what this restaurant has to offer, Well curiousity pays I know.

In a nutshell, my set expectations were met beyond doubt, looking forward to try all the Ramen listed in the menu.


  1. So yum. Thanks for sharing with us! I love best sushi!

  2. It all looked so good. If I get out your way. I am going there for sure.
    rochester mn ramen


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