PTAA Travel Expo 2015

For several years I've been curious to attend the annual PTAA Travel Expo that showcases an exciting travel deals from different Hotels, Travel Agencies and Airline Companies, a competition of cheapest travel value that allows chance for Filipino Travelers to afford and experience Leisure travel in their home country howbeit International Destinations were also offered and held at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia, Pasay City; from February 13, 14, 15, 2015.

Once the door opened the massive crowd went wild heading to the registration area, we still managed to enter despite the stellar number of crowd who attended this year's Travel Expo, too bad to those who arrived late.

It was my first time to attend the said event and it made me feel a bit thrilled for the BIG TIME seat sale as this event was dubbed as an "Annual Travel Tiangge". I was aiming to grab a roundtrip ticket to Basco Batanes via PAL express or Skyjet, the airfare was relatively cheaper (Around 5,000) compare to the regular rate (18,000 RT) but incomparable to the rates they previously offered which was around 2,000 RT.

Started at 10am, we arrived at 8:30am witnessing the snake like line of the crowd (attached above), proven that it's really essential to go there as early as possible to avoid such scenario though we arrived an hour and a half prior to the event, it would still be better to go earlier than that.

Mode of Payment: Credit Card/Cash


-Don't skip Breakfast (food and drinks were not allowed inside) otherwise you might feel nauseated.

-Arrive early to avoid long queue of people 

-Bring enough Money to cover all your preferred trip

-List down the destinations and the prospective dates of your travel, it'll surely save time.

-Plan ahead. 

Long queue, was it worth the wait? -  Based on my experience I would say NO assuming that it wasn't my lucky day.


Mode of Payment: Credit Card/Cash

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