Pateros, Small Town with a Big Heart!

Balut and Alfombra- What comes to your mind when you hear these words? easy, it's Pateros.
Pateros is a small municipality under Metro Manila famous for duck raising industry and Pateros trade mark, Alfombra.

BALUT (fetilized Duck Eggs)- is one of the unique Filipino delicacies that taking the world by storm.  I've seen other races eating balut as a challenge, seeing their faces in horrific disgust while eating it was extremely funny, it may look strange and gross but it tastes awesome especially when you slurp out the soup inside it.

ALFOMBRA- Pateros is well known for Alfombra, no wonder even the side walks are ingraved with alfombra images if you visit Pateros. Alfombra is a Spanish word for "carpet" which is precisely comparable to its texture. A perfect footwear that is pleasant to wear with lasting quality. An iconic Filipino traditional fashion that has been passed through generations.

As we tracked the history during Spanish governance, Pateros was once under Pasig City and later became an independent municipality. An underrated small town in Metro Manila with several old architectural establishments that gives a serene nostalgic ambiance of historical scene.

Below are the photos of some old establishments in Pateros.

A well-kept ancient church in the Philippines lies in Pateros. San Roque church was built 1815, the old building structure surpassed a century and witnessed a generation of Philippine history, the representation of our timeworn culture.

Pateros Catholic Church

I'm writing this article to promulgate the gilded Filipino urbanity that exists in The Small Town with a Big Heart- Pateros. 

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