Boracay Island, Aklan Philippines (we call it paradise!)

VACATION is the best prescription for stress that work has brought me.
As what we usually do we booked ahead of the trip to catch the biggest airfare seat sale we can have. Yes it was planned  year ahead, gladly everything went according to plan, Meaning; we had fun without the presence of existing typhoon and the photos below can attest to that.

Lies in the Province of Aklan, Boracay is one of the most renowned beaches here in the Philippines or I must say a pristine world class beach that everyone would agree, people all over the world come over to witness its class and stunning attractions making it an ideal place for novice swimmers and divers.

PRICE: 400Php

I had a bad experience riding an ATV so I opted not to join the club, I waited at the end of the trail and saw their faces with thrill, no doubt they'd enjoyed the ride. Maybe I'll try it next time.

SOLO: 1700/2000Ph
PAIR:  800Php/head
DURATION: 15mins

Having to try this activity doesn't come too often so why not try it? In my case I was really afraid to do it after watching several videos of "parasailing gone wrong" I know it's just rush paranoiac dilemma but it's hard not to think of it during that very moment. Option is to ride it in pair, that's what I did and it went well thank God. 

PRICE: 450Php

It was my first attempt for fly fish and it didn't disappoint me, it's like riding a roller coaster in the ocean especially when the boatman accelerated the speed boat, surely an exhilarating activity that everyone must try. My hard grip caused me hand injury but not a serious injury though, I was still able to carry my bag the day after.

PRICE: 500Php


We rented a Paddle Board out of curiosity as we sighted some people doing it. We ended up having numerous photos of us sitting on the board. It was fun to reverse the paddle left and right while mounting on the board in standing position that requires focus, it was surprisingly easy but it's like giving your body an extreme exercise.

Price: 990Php
Early Bird promo: 690Php
Inclusions: Shooter Glass, Boracay Pubcrawl Shirt, Drinks Discount, Free Bar entrance (5 Bars), complimentary drinks.

My friends who visited Boracay keep on babbling this activity and urged me to try it once I visit Boracay, so cutting the story short came the day of my visit. I invited my company of friends to join me but sadly they were not interested, I think I was not knowledgeable enough to sway them so my partner and I decided attend the party ourselves.

This is the highlight of my entire stay in Boracay Island, this activity is a melting pot of different cultures. At first I found it literally awkward to talk and mingle to a group of complete strangers, kudos to the organizers and leaders of this activity for not letting those awkwardness swallow me.
The photos below is the best testament that I insanely enjoy the party.  

PRICE: 3000Php

An activity for novice swimmers and divers, quite expensive but totally worth the try.

This Island Paradise is not just famous for its powdery white sand and exhilarating activities. Boracay has also been developed as a dining destination by having fine dine resto left and right, if you're out of budget you may also try KOLAI MANGYAN at station 1 near JONAH'S FRUITSHAKE.
Fine dine restaurants are also available, the presence of different cultures allow this island to present wide array of different cuisine that will satisfy your cravings. Prices may vary depending on the food establishment you prefer.

The information noted above may not reflect recent changes to the subject and prices may vary depending on your haggling skills. 

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