Tinipak River. Baranggay Daraitan, Tanay Rizal

Looking for a quick getaway near Metro Manila without breaking a bank? Your 600 can make an exciting memory I guarantee that!

Tinipak River in Tanay Rizal is a perfect outdoor adventure, a perfect day bone breaking trip that will surely leave a mark for travel enthusiasts and will make them plan for a part two adventure. A hidden paradise in Tanay soon to be discovered.
I'm from Antipolo so apparently the most convenient route to take is from Sta.Lucia Mall,Cainta going to Tanay. Most of the blogs I read preferred Shaw Boulevard route.

The adventure started when we reached Tanay Public Market, after completing the list of our travel must have's we hired a tricycle bound to Daraitan for group of four (1,200/Roundtrip), our driver Kuya Ronald offered his company for the entire day as a driver/guide/assistant/cameraman -- a real jack of all trades. And yes 1,200 was quite expensive than usual but totally worth it, you'll find out later on.

We were half way to Baranggay Daraitan when we got bored, we found a perfect place to stop and took pictures.

We reached Daraitan at 8am and we were welcomed by the fascinating view of mountain range plus the impressively maintained river, we had a quick stop to take pictures and we were expecting to cross the river through a small boat (as what I saw on various blogs online) but the wooden temporary bridge was available and soon we moved to baranggay hall for registration,, Tour Guide is required

We started the hike right after we registered. It took us morethan an hour to reach the main point due to picture taking along riverbanks, I told myself to save my cam's battery for the main attraction of the river but I really can't resist, the huge tinipak rocks were stunning.

Below are the photos of Tinipak River.

There's an echoing myth that circles around Daraitan why those "Tinipak" white huge rocks are abundant in the area. A prominent old story that has been passed through different words of mouth. According to the story, two giants barbarically fought their way along through mount Daraitan causing a massive quake and huge debris of rocks scattered along the river. What ever the story was behind the wholly grand creation, I would always be thankful to witness a precious God given nature that would always leave a mark in my heart.

Going down through a stiffy cave entrance was quite hard, the hole wasn't wide enough to accommodate two people at a time. Our source of light was also lacking with only one flashlight on my hand made the trail more intricate, we had to walk real close to each other and had to be cautious in every step until we reach the mainpoint of the cave, the underground river.

I consider this the cheapest trip I had so far, I only spent 640Php for this bone breaking escapade.
Tinipak River at Mt.Daraitan will give you the magnificent feeling. The one hour trek will test your stamina with enormous effort going up and down toward giant trail of rocks but walking by the river with lush green trees and hearing the rippling sound of it will surely keep you going.
Thanks to Kuya Ronald (our driver) for these shots. He's not just a driver to us, he assisted us from start til the end of the day, when we were in Tinipak river he offered to buy some goods we need; meaning he's willing to go back to Baranggay morethan a kilometer away (considering the intricate trail) of course we didn't let him do that!

Also to Kuya Michael (our main Guide) for looking after us! let me share this, my slippers fell into the river and carried away by strong current he immediately ran after it and managed to save it, I could end  up being barefoot the entire day!

The information noted above may not reflect recent changes to the subject and prices may vary depending on your haggling skills. 

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