Tambobong Beach-Culebra Island, Dasol Pangasinan

Summer has finally arrived!

I seldom celebrate Holy Week without my family but there's always a first time I know, this year's maybe the exception.

1st Destination: Tambobong Beach Dasol, Pangasinan

Another long planned trip to Tambobong/Culebra Island in Dasol Pangasinan. We referred to few bloggers online who visited the place.

None of us have visited Dasol so we expected at least six hour land travel from Manila to Dasol but nuh! It took us nine hours (via private vehicle). Not sure if there's any other route aside from the route we took.

Probably better to ride a bus though.

It was really nice to see the image of these kids enjoying the beach, I remember most of my childhood days being stuck in our small town where beaches were non-existent. 

We had a large number, half of the group stayed at Vivian's Place and the other half at Nanay Benilda's Lodge. We were quite upset with water interruption and power shortage for two consecutive nights, a total predicament especially for the members who brought their kids.

Sorry I don't have the photos, of course laziness strikes again!

If interested, you can contact:
Vivian's: 0908 820 2016
Benilda's: 09105641382

2nd Destination: Culebra Island Dasol, Pangasinan

Culebra Island was a gem, the island is perfect for snorkeling. 10-15 minute boat ride from Tambobong White Beach. The Island was really captivating aside from the fact that you won't find a shade on the Island especially during peak season. You need to bring something that can cover your belongings or something that can help you lessen the heat of scorching sun, big trees were nowhere to find. (See the photos below)

This is best part of my Pangasinan escapade, the sand and the water were perfect. 

I had an accident while we were taking photos from the rocky part of Culebra Island, I slipped through the sharp surfaced rock and got my foot endured, along came the fact that first aid kits were nowhere available (what would I expect?) so I had to endure the pain and waited for the entire company to go back to the main point Beach.  
On the other hand, some say salt water is good antiseptic so I gave it a shot, I soaked my wounded foot into the water and surprisingly the excruciating pain reduced, at least it helped. So better be careful next time (*wink).

Day 2: Balinmanok Ship Wreck.

 Another island hopping at our last day. We visited the famous Balinmanok ship wreck.

Photo Credit to: Summer June Bartlome and Gerald Guarin

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  1. Seeing your blogs makes me envy you living in the Philippines. LOLs


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