Enchanted river/ Tinuy-an falls/ Delta park.. Wandering Mindanao

Enchanted river: The majestic river. Tinuy-an falls: The Niagara falls of the PhilippinesDelta park: Currently holds the longest Zipline in Asia.

Drew Arellano's Biyahe ni Drew brought us here. A fleeting sight of Enchanted River caught my attention, I immediately browsed the net and look for Drew's past episode then the dream of visiting these places started.

It was a long planned trip together with my friends, at first I was hesitant and reluctant to push this Mindanao adventure due to expensive travel cost and incoming typhoon in Butuan but we still made it, it turned out to be an amazing/exhilarating/memorable trip. The other side of Mindanao revealed its beauty, totally different from what we usually heard.

It was such a headache planning the itinerary, we were all confused since all of us were unfamiliar with the places/towns, articles we read from various bloggers helped but some of them took different routes making the itinerary even more difficult.

Day 1
Manila to Butuan (Bancasi Airport)

We arrived at Bancasi Airport at around 10am.
At the outset, our plan was to take a bus ride from Butuan Bus Terminal bound to Mangagoy but one of the van operators stopped us and gave us a good deal going to Mangagoy (2500/group of 5), not bad!

The proximity of travel from Butuan to Mangagoy was roughly 4 hours but not exceeding 5. We looked for a lodging house that fits our number and we ended up at Tiffany's Inn.

Under water camera is also available for rent if you missed to bring yours.

Expenses for the Day:
Balsa Ride: 100
LifeVest: 30
Guide: 150 (for our main guide), 100 (for those who pulled our balsa). The amount is really up to you.
Under water camera: 350 (unlimited shots)

2nd Destination: Enchanted River

Almost 2hour ride from Tinuy-an falls. Better to go here early in the morning to avoid the crowd or anytime before 12nn so you can catch the fish feeding.

If you're not an adept diver/swimmer better to wear a life vest, the water seemed serene and calm but non swimmers like us struggled, maybe the underwater current was strong.

Staring at the stunning view of the water reminds me of the fairtale like setting from the books I read when I was just a kid, I also thought of Lochness Monster in Scotland that  may be same creature inhabits deep down the river, I know it's senseless thought but I really can't help it, the river was just regal.

We tried the longest Zipline in Asia (so far) since we were already there why not try the attraction they are famous for? Actually my friends did, I backed out.

We were all afraid to travel in Mindanao, it has been dubbed as one of the most dangerous places for journalists and foreigners but my 4D/3N stay in this region changed my perception, a place full of breathtaking scenery, unrated travel destination, good food and warm people. I will definitely give this place a 10!

Expenses for the Day:
Entrance Fee = 20
Horse Back Riding = unavailable
ATV = unavailable during our stay
Buggy = unavailable during our stay
Swimming = 100/head
Zip line =  350/head (400 meters), 650/head (1.3 km)
Zorb ball= 200/head, maximum of two.



  1. Trever this river is unbelievable I want to visit Philippines soon! How deep is the water? look at that water!

    1. approximately 80ft (not really sure) I agree with you the water is unbelievable.

  2. Oh Hi Harriet thought you were here? thought you visited the Bicol Region last year? Yes Please visit Philippines and I'll be glad to tour you around :D


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