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Before the year ended I was lucky enough to get an invite for another themed restaurant in Marikina City. I’ve seen so many restaurants in different themes trying to attract their customers and I’m so thrilled to share my delightful dining experience here in Passenger Seat, excited to virtually tour you around folks!
Passenger Seat is an airplane themed restaurant located in Riverbanks Mall, Marikina. If I’m not mistaken Dencio’s Grill used to lease this place, now it’s PS.
As a travel blogger it’s compelling to see such innovations, aside from its good food you will be entertained to everything you see inside, from its wall design crafted identical to plane’s window to other interiors suited perfectly to its theme, it seems to bring you inside an actual plane, maybe they can dress their staff like a flight attendant to completely pull it off.

Aside from its entertaining design, I also enjoyed the food they served. Let me share this, I dined to one of the popular themed restaurants in Lilac Street, Marikina, I did not not make any write-ups or blog articles for that restaurant because it was dissapointing, almost half of the menu were unavailable (sigh) and I couldn’t pretend that I had a great time when in fact I had not, of course I couldn’t lie to my readers. Sometimes, business owners oversight what needs to be done and what needs to be improved as they solely focus on a particular marketing strategy, that’s too bad. I appreciate restaurants that can be visually and gastronomically appealing, that is what Passenger Seat possesses, a cohesively designed diner X mouthful meals being serve.


The food as I reviewed were pleasingly good, they have assortment of mouthful menus. They have this “International Flight menu” where they serve European and American known dishes like burgers, pasta, fries and chips, belgian icecream, Singporean Icecream sandwich, etc while majority of the menu is locally known dishes, a represention of palatable filipino food from every regions and provinces of our country like ones in Batangas, Zambales, Vigan, Gensan, Cebu, Bacolod, Siargao, Palawan, Etc.

See the dishes they serve below:

-Batangas Lomi- 359 Family, 129 Solo
-Tagaytay Bulalo- 350
-Zambales Sinigang na Hipon- 240
-Vigan Sinigang na Lechon Kawali- 230
-Pampanga Pork Sisig- 169
-Roxas Stuffed Squid with Rice- 155
-Dagupan Dinaing na Bangus with rice- 159
-Gensan Buttered Shrimp with Rice- 169
-Bacolod Inasal with Rice- 149
-Cebu Grilled Liempo with Rice- 149
-Ilocos Lechon Kawali with Rice- 149

Palawan, Siargao, Batanes, Davao, Manila and Bohol are the group meal menus from 2-3 and 3-5 persons, ranging from 500-1200 depending on your preferred group meal menu.


Iced Tea- 40 solo, 85 pitcher
Soda in can- 55
Milo Dinosaur- 95

Shakes 125

Sorsogon Avocado Shake
Baguio Strawberry Shake
Guimaras Ripe Mango Shake
Okinawa Matcha Shake
Pangasinan Watermelon Shake


Pale Pilsen 55, 300 bucket of six
San Mig Light- 55, 300 bucket of six
Red Horse- 55, 300 bucket of six


It was a unique dining experience, I will surely recommend Passenger Seat to anyone who fancies thematic restaurants.
This place deserves my two thumbs up!

How to get there?

From Cubao, there are numerous options. You can take an FX or Jeepney heading to SSS Village or Parang, tell the driver to drop you off at River Banks Mall. It’s near the back entrance of the Mall and right across BPI bank.


Contact details

0917 837 3695


I'm writing another food review for my Lagaw Travelogue readers, hopefully you guys pardon all my recent blog posts, I know you all want to read my travel stories so why most of the write ups I made in the past couple of months were solely food reviews? I just couldn't go out of town, period. Food is technically part of our exciting jaunts, when we go to a place we've never been before we're sure to try the local delicacies and cuisine, eh? I guess I'm giving you a good excuse this time. Now let's cut this long disclaimer.

Have you heard of Luna Specialty Coffee? They have couple of branches in the Metro, specifically in the Taguig area, there's one in Highstreet (coz I was once a BGC office crawler) and one in Uptown, the other branches are everywhere else. There are countless of restaurants in BGC and it's difficult to choose where to dine, I don't drink coffee too so cafes and coffe shops were never my options. Not until I tried it myself, I was blinded by the thought that it's a "coffee shop" I didn't know that their menu is wider than I thought. I'm referring to Luna Specialty  Coffe Makati branch, located in Makati City just at the ground floor of Maxx Hotel. It was my first time to try their special tapa that comes in different forms, like there's Garlic Tapa, Sweet and Spicy Tapa, Spicy Pork Tapa and Crispy Tapa, apparently for tapa lovers this place was made for you. Unique to the other branches of Luna Cafe, this branch in Makati serve liquors for their customers, see the photos below. It's safe to call it a bar and a coffee shop at the same time, so you drink first till you drown then you drink coffee to help the sensation subside like they are really meant to be together after all. Just as I mentioned, they have wide bill of fare other than the traditional coffee shops.


And for the benefit of coffee lovers, they mainly serve caffeinated drinks and coffee blends. Though I'm not a coffee person it doesn't made me hate the flavorful aroma that holds around the entire cafe, my friends tried the drip coffee and they liked it. Of course they serve milkshakes for anyone not fan of caffeinated beverages, worry not.

Impressed that they also incorporated other popular street food to their menu like Chicharon Bulaklak and Chicken Feet (gourmet style), a coffee shop with chicharong bulaklak or breaded chicken feet, where else can you find that?
You'll also like the homey ambiance and the friendly staff of Luna, you're sure to enjoy your cup of coffee.



Here’s some Luna’s bestsellers:

Crispy Tapa- 295 (my favorite)
Sweet and Sour Tapa- 295
Garlic Tapa- 295
Lechon Kawali- 295
Spicy Pork- 295
Smoked Bangus- 245
Chicken Adobo- 245
Kare Kare Tofu- 250
Pork Chop- 245


Penne Longanisa Bolognese- 170
Creamy Tuyo Penne- 200
Aglio Olio Penne- 200
Chicken Pesto Pasta- 200

Coffee Scramble 190

Salted Caramel
Mint Choco
Vanilla Mantikado
Choco Peanut
Dark Chocolate


Long/short Espresso- 100
Espresso Macchiato- 120
Espresso con Panna- 120
Americano- 120
Classic Latte- 130
Piccolo Latte- 120
Irish Coffe- 140

Extra Shot- 45


From EDSA Ayala there jeepnies enroute to Makati City, tell the driver to drop you off Singian Street or A. Venue mall.
Luna Cafe is located at the ground floor of MAXX Hotel.

Better if you have your own car, you  can use waze  and pin the location of MAXX  Hotel Makati.

7817 Corner Makati Ave and Singian




Urbanized Gastro Spa
Pampering ourselves is what everyone need these days, in the fast pace lifestyle most of us carry this intangible weight to continue from our dose of daily grinds. Well, in my case especially the holiday season I had to double or even triple my effort since we had a long week off, you know to compensate the days we’re off the office most companies won’t call it quits not maximizing your purpose and existense, eh? That’s something we cannot argue, that’s really the way it is, hopefully you’ll see the fruit of what you worked for on the next pay day, a positive thought to boost your drive.

Having said that, I think after all the stress from working hard last month we deserve a good relaxation, agree? Now I will introduce this new gastro spa located in San Juan.
Urbanized Gastro Spa is a fusion of wellness spa and food service rolled in one place, the concept is very unique that fits both millennial and the Gen X, it caters no age limit, as long as you feel the need for massage and your tummy demands good food this place is perfect otherwise I will whistle a different tune. I recommend their signature one and a half hour full body massage.
Urbanized Gastro Spa


Urbanized Gastro Spa
Whenever I get a masagge unlike others I try not to sleep (I just really can’t), I am not the sleepy type customer who misses how the entire hour went, it’s like I need to feel how they do it. Synonimous to my travel routine, I prefer not to sleep and not miss the journey, I’d always love looking at  the car’s window enjoying the refreshing green sceneries.

What I like here in Urbanized Gastro Spa is the stroke of their massage, it’s not the typical sweddish massage from the other popular wellness centers, they sure to give you a uniquely relaxing massage like no other. The food was also great, this month I had the Samgyeopsal treat (massage + dinner) I know this sounds a bit too much but I sooo love what they prepared for us, we were grilling the thin sliced meat and it was late (they’re about to close) so it’s just us. For my readers fond of Unlimited Samgyeopsal you know how long you had to wait to get served and I guarantee that this isn’t gonna happen here, no waiting time, food is ready on your table just right after the massage.
Urbanized Gastro Spa


Urbanized Gastro Spa

Urbanized Gastro Spa
I loved the entire set up, the location is perfectly quiet (coz I like it far from the noise of the city). I can see myself going here to extinguish the wild fire kind of stress, it’s the place to end your week, indeed. Nothing beats a good massage and palatable dishes.

I also enjoyed having a quick conversation with the owners, they shared how the business started, the concept and their plans in the future. They are hands on to their guests and very approachable, too.
Thanks again Urbanized Gastro Spa. A two thumbs up for you!


* you may take bus or MRT to Shaw Blvd. From Starmall, take jeepney going to San juan ( either sta. Lucia or Wilson St.) Then 5-10 mins walk going to C.M recto St.

* SM North
You may take MRT or Bus going to Cubao. From Cubao ( near Sogo Hotel) take jeepney from Arayat st. going to San juan. Kindly tell the jeepney driver to drop you off to Jeepney terminal going to Wilson St. then 5-10mins walk going to C.M recto St.

From Greenhills shopping mall:
You may take orange multicab going to San Juan (wilson st.) Then 5-10mins going to C.M recto St.




They are located at 178B CM Recto Street, Maytunas, San Juan, Metro Manila.
+63 917 461 1051
+63 917 833 8757
576 0149

Operating hours:
2pm to 2am Daily


Looking for exquisite place for a dinner date? Or maybe a restaurant oozing with classy ambiance? If I'm guessing it right then Chateaubriand Steak Restaurant probably is the place you're after. Chateaubriand itself is a well-known french beef meat dish that signifies luxury.
This is no ordinary buffet resto. What makes it distinct to the other buffet restaurants is the authenticity of their theme, the contemporary style of their restaurant is upscale and chic, the total look of the place was just magnificent and very relaxing, too. It's not only for a couple's bonding but also a perfect place to give yourself a treat after a long week of nerve-racking stress.
I also appreciate the wide parking space for their customers. I hate it when I'm nauseated  with hunger and my stomach screams but we still need to look for a parking space, who else can relate?




The food here are lavish! From their appetizers to desserts everything was ultimately sumptuous especially the steak meals. Unlike other buffet restaurants, they put all the variety of food available on a long table and customers are free to get everything they want, Chateaubriand has that too except all churrasco meats are served on your table upon your request, they provide a chip in color coded sides, red and green. The red side of the chip means you’ve had enough of the meat or you don’t want it at all, on the other hand the green side means you want to keep it coming. At first, we were not aware of its purpose until one of my friends noticed the servers and serving her non-stop that’s when they explained how it works.

Chateaubriand simply redefines the concept of first class buffet restaurants in our country, setting a new standard to their competing businesses in the wholeness of food industry.


This is the rundown of the favorite dishes I tried/my top picks:

- Frango Con Baco- It’s a small cut of chicken breast wrapped in bacon.
- Carneira- Grilled lamb meat rubbed with minted oil, brazilian style.
- Linguica- It’s latin american sausage with distinct smoked flavor.


Chairman’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php

Obikwa, Merlot
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php

Santa Conchita
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php

Trapiche, Malbec
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php


Anakena Sauvignon Blanc, Chile
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php

Obikwa Chardobay
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php

Santa Conchita, Sauvignon Blanc
Glass: 300Php
Bottle: 1200Php



- They have dresscode policy, strictly close shoes only. No flip flops.

Weekend rate (2000php Lunch 2,200Php Dinner)
- Weekday rate (2000Php Dinner)

- Dinner Buffet schedule starts at 6pm until 10pm

- Lunch buffet, weekends only from 11am to  3pm 

- Wine buffet for only 450Php

- They don’t serve Filipino food

- No breakfast buffet, they are only open for lunch and dinner

The price may be a bit intimidating but I guarantee that it’s all worth it. I’m not really into this kind of restaurant, I always go somewhere more economical and budget friendly yet it’s not all the time that I had to deprive myself to satisfy my cravings. Thanks again Chateaubriand for this superb steak dinner.

For reservation you may call:


Business Hours:

11am-3pm (Lunch Buffet)

6pm-10pm (Dinner Buffet)


100 William St. Cor. Roxas Blvd, Pasay City.

Landmark: beside old DFA office


Flying from Manila to other domestic destinations is something I get used to, I live in Taguig and getting to the airport was never a problem to me unless there’s terrible traffic congestion along major road I’m enroute to which commonly happens, this predicament somehow is a good avenue for some travelers to take other optional route. For me, NAIA is still the most convenient flight to take and most of the time getting there is easy, hence the crowd of waiting passengers is the least view I would enjoy. My recent trip to the islands of Panay made me take a breathe of fresh air when it comes to my alternative route flying to Iloilo, we took Clark International Airport in Pampanga, from Manila we drove 2 hours or less.

It was my first time in this airport and I was amazed by its undemanding atmosphere, likely because it’s not crowded that somehow lessen the eye stressing mood. The entire check-in process including the luggage check didn’t take an hour, even the schedule flight was on time. 
This year, Airasia Clark opened its new domestic routes to Tacloban, Palawan and Iloilo, providing wider options for travelers in the Northern and Central Luzon. This sets for more opportunities and more reason to travel, we should attentively check out low based fair from this new hub from time to time. If you’re a fan of Piso Fare, trick that works is always check the fare rate at this airport, you would likely ace the best fare rate you can ever imagine as most people tend to overcrowd the airport in Manila during the seat sale.

Must know: 
-  Be there on time, at least 2 hours before the ETD
-        - Have your itinerary ready for check-in
-        - Do an online check-in to save time and print your boarding pass
-        - Bring at least two valid ID’s
-       -   Make sure to bring just allowable carry on otherwise you’ll need to pay for the check-in fee
-  Do not bring hazardous substances and other prohibited items   

It's always been a pleasure and great experience to fly with one of the leading airlines in the coutry, with its larger access to more provinces of the Philippines I hope it aids business owners and people will be encouraged to travel and boost the Tourism Industry. Till our next fly AirAsia!
For cheap flights online check out their website

Check out my Panay Islands travel guides below:


Bataan Ferry
With relevance to the recent visit I had in Playa la Caleta, we heard the easier route going to Bataan without breaking a sweat. Usually, I had to go to the major bus lines in Metro Manila and take connecting trips via land transfer when I go to Bataan, it takes 2-4 hours depending on the proximity and part of Bataan you're heading to but with this new route system the travel time shortened significantly, from 2-4hrs now you can reach Bataan in just 45 minutes, how wonderful is that? Thanks to 1Bataan Integrated Transport System for making this fast and efficient system conveyance for the people, this for sure will help both individuals and businesses improve their transport means.

How's my experience?

The port is located at SM Mall of Asia Seaside beside Vikings restaurant.
We had our reservation and scheduled our trip at 6:30AM, please be guided with few reminders before going aboard. The process is hassle free, the staff are well trained and very accommodating. Just be there an hour before your schedule, approach the staff for registration, present your id and you're good to go, as easy as one-two-three.
Bataan Ferry

Bataan Ferry
Upon checking in our luggage we proceeded inside the ferry, we were wowed by its modern features as if we're boarding a plane or better than that, it has wider space and can carry more than a hundred passengers I guess. We seated to the front couch which happened to be the VIP seats, aside from comfortable seats and fast voyage you will never get bored as they have on board movie entertainment, for sure you will not notice the time! And if you think these features doesn't suffice your standards maybe the complimentary wifi will, yes they provide free wifi access.
Bataan Ferry

Bataan Ferry
Tips and reminders:

- Be there an hour before the scheduled trip, boaring gate closes 30 minutes before the departure.

- 450Php for online booking, 550Php if you book at the 1Bataan ITS Reservations Team, and 799Php for walk-in passengers.

- Bring your valid id and proof of payment (if booked online) for verification.

- Senior Citizer and PWD discounts are not applicable for discounted rates.

-They will provide a designated seat for each passenger

- Shuttle service is available from Port Capinpin to various bus stops in Balanga and other neighboring towns.

◾All Drop-off points are along Roman Superhighway only.
◾This is only applicable for all passengers coming from Manila to Bataan.
◾Kindly notify our Booking Staff of your drop-off point upon booking.

- Smoking is not allowed (including e-cigarettes)

- Pets are not allowed
Image from

Image from
Image from

Office Address:

Port of Capinpin
Philippine Ports Authority,
Brgy. Puting Buhangin, Orion, Bataan

Tel. No. : 09176294766 (Globe) and 09088886849 (Smart)

(Open from 6AM to 6PM only)

Email :

Head Office

Office Address : Sitio wain, Brgy. Biaan Mariveles, Bataan, 2105 Philippines

Special thanks to 1Bataan Integrated Transport System and Danica Lolita Tigas of DOT Bataan for making this trip possible.

Isla de gigantes
Carles is a 2nd class municipality in the Northern most tip of Iloilo, a sleepy town gifted with spectacular island locations and a seafood haven, here lies one of the most popular destinations in the province, the Gigantes Group of Islands. If you're a true blue traveler and haven't been to this part of Iloilo this place should be in your bucket list, sometimes we have the list of places we want to visit if this isn't included to your Must Visit destinations probably it's time to dash off the list and consider this place.
I'm a traveler based in Manila, I merely focus on unveiling destinations 2-3 hours from the Metro so I dont't travel much in the Visayas and Mindanao, nonetheless I still have the impulse to explore more and discover the other islands of the Philippines. I'm slowly taking my steps to pull off that goal, now I have more reasons to stay to that course.

Isla de Gigantes
Is a group of islands that features collection of picturesque beach haven, the best time to visit is during the peak season, the waves are calmer and a bigger possibility to visit all the islands without the risk of getting your trip canceled due uncertain weather forecast. Be that as it may, the down side is the massive arrival of tourists from different cities and provinces nobody knows where. In the last five years, there’s a significant change to the influx of the tourists coming in to the island that helped the growth of local community of Carles especially its livelihood. Kudos to the LGU who maintained the orderliness and kept the system well-executed. Gigantes Group of Islands consists of 2 major islands : Gigantes Norte, Gigantes Sur (these are the two major islands) and 10 islands/islets but I only visited the Big 5 or the most popular ones namely Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Beach, Tanke Island/Lagoon, Bantigue Sandbar, Pulupandan Island. 
Isla de gigantes
Pulupandan Island
This was the first island on our list, Pulupandan Island is a naked island with assortment of pebbles, creamy white sand and a rocky sea side. When I say naked Island that means you will barely see shade of trees anywhere, the photo of the solitary palm tree is the only green you’ll see in Pulupandan (which I find very iconic). The island conveys an appealing view of tranquility, the huge form of rocks at the side is a venue of photo ops, it took us minutes to take our turn so when we had that opportunity we kept the next in line wait longer (kidding).
Isla de gigantes


Isla de gigantes

Tangke Lagoon
This is my favorite amongst all the islands, getting closer to the island made my eyes widened, I couldn’t resolve what to do first, should I grab my camera or should I settle my eyes by just looking at it? Next thing I know I already had my cam on hand and started clicking. We got to the island ahead to the other groups. For a little while we had the lagoon just for ourselves, apparently this didn’t take long, just when I was about to take my photos "alone" the tourists arrived and they didn’t even have the courtesy to let us finish, I mean they blocked everything until I just gave up, funny though. What had happened I believe was a blessing in disguise, if these tourists didnt interrupt maybe I spent my entire time taking photos and would never take a dip, I had my moment enjoying the clear shallow water of Tangke Lagoon.
Isla de gigantes

Isla de gigantes

Isla de gigantes
Antonia Beach
This beach looks more commercialized than the others, this is more of a dining and resting island for the visitors, here we took our lunch together with other guests. The photos below show spectacular images of picture perfect island, the color of palm trees are captivating to the eyes of its visitors, I also heard it's a good diving  spot too.
Isla de gigantes


Isla de gigantes
Tinagong Dagat/The Little Boracay
True to its name, Tinagong Dagat is a cove extension of Tanke Island that boasts fine white sand quite similar to Boracay. Aside from its powdery white sand I noticed that it was well-maintained, trash were properly disposed. Tinagong Dagat is just a small portion of the entire Gigantes Islands, I reckon maintaining it won’t take much effort.
Cabugao Gamay
The most popular island in the Islas de Gigantes, the island that brings all islands in one. The scenic view overlooking the stretch of its beach is the most that we see in the ads, blogs, other promotional materials for Iloilo. Aside from the iconic view of Cabugao Gamay, there are cairns that ads more tropical vibe on the island.
Isla de gigantes

Isla de gigantes
Bantigue Island
This was supposed to be the last island in our itinerary however since it was the last, we reached the island at around 4pm, the the tide has already risen and we couldnt take a good shot of it. Bantigue Island is popular for its sandbar, this will be one of my reasons to go back for sure.

Getting the best of Gigantes is not an easy catch for some , tourists need to be careful in booking their trips and not to trust anyone that offers them cheap packages. Just like we don’t live in a perfect world, there are numerous operators that doesnt follow the guideines of DOT, accordingly. It is essential for the operators to maximize the worth of our hard earned money and not put to waste.

We booked with Las Islas Travel and Tours, me together with other travel bloggers can attest to the smooth and hassle free vacation, they will take care of everything you need, from the itinerary, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, food, places you must visit, registration fees, etc. Las Islas Travel and Tours will sure to give you the much needed vacation you deserve.
Isla de gigantes
I want to thank all behind this succesful Islas de Gigantes getaway,  Atty. Helen Catalbas of DOT Region 6, Aph and Alex of Las Islas Travel and Tours and AirAsia. I never thought it was this fun to explore the islands of Carles, this for sure a trip to remember. 

You may contact:

Las Islas Travel and Tours

Punta Dulog, Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City, Capiz 

(just right across the Roxas City Terminal)

(G) 0917-709-3856 / (S) 0939-534-0828 / (L) 036-521-0725
Facebook page: Las Islas Travel and Tours

Bancal Port, Carles, Iloilo






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