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The summer’s about to end but not here at Seashore Beach Club in San Juan, Batangas. I am not new to beaches of Batangas, I visit at least four resorts in a year and by doing so made me wonder what else to see in Batangas, will there be a place uniquely different from the rest? Well, my recent visit to Seashore Beach Club had all the answer to my questions and it totally changed my skeptical view to the beautiful provice of Batangas.


3hrs from Manila you will reach The Seashore Beach Club, we left Manila at around past seven in the morning and arrived at the resort quarter past ten. It was a quick drive since we had a service van going there (I have the detailed instruction below).
As we entered the resort, I felt its serene ambiance maybe because of its remoteness and lesser neighboring establishments, though there were construction activities going on for the rooms and amenities to better serve their members, I think it’s almost 80% done, they can already serve large number of visitors. The infinity pool caught my attention as if it’s inviting me to take a dip, the cabanas also looked cool.
It was hot when we paid a visit, for a moment I just sit and appreciate the lingering sound of the waves, it’s been a while since I last visited a resort near Manila (I think 4 months was my last Batangas beach getaway).

Aside from the luxurious amenities of Seashore Beach Club, they offer this thrilling activities like no other, they collaborated with Aqua Play Parks so we can experience one of the largest floating playground in the country. It has more than a dozen of inflatables installed in the the water of San Juan to serve you an ultimate experience you will surely enjoy, just be extra careful in sliding and jumping from the inflatable playground, enjoy but take extra caution, you folks. It was an exhausting yet entertaining day for me.






-High-end infinity pool
-Contemporary styled rooms ans Cabanas
-Mini Gym
-Spa service rooms
-Transportation service to/ and from the airport
-Gift shop


Some of the benefits of being an investor/member of The Seashore Beach Club Inc.:
- Free two (2) days and one (1) night stay annually
- 50% off on succeeding stays
- 30% annual profit sharing will be your income
- 20% cash incentives will be given to the existing members for referrals
- You can have up to five (5) beneficiaries with the same privileges
- Discounts in accommodation, water sport activities, sports facilities, restaurants, etc.
- The membership is completely saleable and transferable
- The membership can also be used in all The Seashore Resorts around the country
- Membership is open for local citizens, OFWs, and foreigners
 and many more…


From Manila, take South Luzon Expressway until the very end where it connects to Star Tollway, enter Star Tollway. Exit at Ibaan/San Jose. Right after paying at the tollgate, follow the sign to Ibaan (turn left).
When you see the sign “alternate route to Lipa”, turn left into that narrow road. At the end of that short narrow road, turn right. You will see Petron gas station on your left and a yellow outpost. Turn left on that corner of Petron and the outpost.
Keep going through Rosario and on to San Juan (don’t enter Batangas Race Circuit) until you see the San Juan municipio. Turn right at that corner. You will see many resort signs. This is the road to Laiya.

How to get there referrence and Membership Benefits referrence from:


If you are from Manila. Ride a bus from Cubao or Alabang heading to San Juan Batangas, from San Juan Batangas Terminal you may hire a tricycle going to Calubcub 1 Sitio Puntor.

Thanks Seashore Beach Club for letting us experience another unforgettable travel experience everyone would ever dream of, I also want to thank all the staff for giving us a world class hotel service. I hope to go back soon and meet you all again.

If you’re seeking for a tranquil escape that also offers new level of fun and adventure, you will never go wrong with Seashore Beach Club Inc. A hideout with combination of quiet and thrill all at one destination, Seashore Beach Club Inc. One of the best resort clubs in Batangas.

The Seashore Beach Club
Alabang office address:
Unit 1203 Entrata Urban Place, Block 32, Civic Drive cor. Corporate Ave., Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
Landline#:(+632) 541 6120



The long wait is almost over thrill seekers!
The best floating water park will soon be floating in the water of San Juan, Batangas. That means an easier access for us Manileños and to all neighboring provinces, it’s going to be an insane slide and glide party for everyone. Spread the good news to all your travel squad and do not let this summer season pass without trying the best water activity here in San Juan, Batangas.

Who is Aqua Play Parks Philippines?

Aqua Play Parks Philippines is a Philippine based company that customizes and builds inflatable parks for mostly beach resorts and other travel businesses, their online presence is slowly drawing attention to travalers of all ages.

As being in the business for 30 years, APP has been working closely with Western market. Aqua Play Park started their journey in Canada, collaborated with American companies of the same market. After decades of constant improvement, innovation and hardwork, they finally penetrated the Asian market and made to establish a wider reach in Asia (China) back in 2009, this meant a wider exposure not only in the western ground but a chance for new races to see what their company has to offer. As a foreign company working in an Asian country, it became a tool to their advantage, it helped them see a clearer view and one step ahead by observing the common struggles of their competitors in the same business arena, they took advantage to improve what needed to be improved and generated new ideas.

Now, APP is known to be one of the leading businesses in its marketing territory for both western and Asian platforms, prioritizing the increase of their client’s profit and providing the best experience for their client’s client in the amusement park business. In decades of being in the industry APP has established its untainted name and reputation. It is sure to give nothing but the best and safest water playground world wide. Showcasing a whole new level of water extremes makes them stand out to the rest of their competitors. It is now taking the Philippine market, becoming known to be one of the biggest and renowned inflatable water park manufacturers in the country and has already put up inflatable parks and partnered with various travel destinations such as in Palawan, Bohol, Siargao and sliding soon in Batangas, boasting Luzon's first double monster slide, half pipe slide and 40-ft tall slide. It couldn’t be more exciting! Aqua Play Parks Philippines is continuously working the expansion of greater options for its clients all over the Philippines. APP is certainly putting the amusement park industry in hype again. 

What to expect when you visit Aqua Play Parks?

APP got loads of surprises instored for you all. They have the most thrilling and enjoyable inflatable water activities you will definitely enjoy, they feature water obstacle courses, big inflatables for water, floating water trampoline, water slides, inflatable water toys, aqua glide, etc.
There’s no way you will get bored with these amazing thrilling treats few hours away from Manila. Don’t worry because all the activities I mentioned are safe, they just still remind their guests to be extra cautious and never do tricks that would make them hurt themselves. And of course, nothing will beat a fun filled experience together with either your best squad or your family.

We brought you some photos of their sample work and what to expect in the upcoming grand opening of Aqua Play Park this April of 2019. 
(Photos from Aqua Play Park Philippines)




These days, beach resort and other travel related businesses are not limited to traditional way of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aqua Play Parks Philippines find its way to innovate and provide more entertaining ways to give ourselves a break and boost the Travel and Tourism Industry.

There is so much more I want to share, but for now, I better stop sharing too much. I want you all to witness and experience all these amazing activities that awaits you when you get to Aqua Play Parks. It will not fail your expectation.
I will be posting more information in weeks time to share the FAQ’s (rates, packages, and other necessary details you all need to know).

For possible business partnership with Aqua Play Parks Philippines, below are their contact details:

Philippines: 63 0917 949 1926  o
China: 011 86 186 6489 1173 
or Toll Free from America 1 800 410 4291

Email addresses:

WeChat Messaging: peterinchina58
Skype: inflate12

Or check out their website to know more about         

The photos displayed on this site are owned by Aqua Play Park Philippines.



I never thought I'd write a narrative of my personal struggles in the agony of depression, I didn't even want to talk about it. It was messy, dark, and melancholic. Here I am now, for the benefit of greater audience I believe this is a perfect platform to show awareness and sensitivity for people fighting the same battle. Whatever is in your head now just shake it off, you are bigger than your dark looming emotion.

I heard of "Depression" many times in my life, sometimes we say we are depressed to intensify our emotions but now I can say it's more than that. I had no idea how serious that word was until I found myself being guzzled by this mental torment. I know life can be a difficult notch sometimes, from time to time we encounter challenges and difficulties but  we always manage to find ways and wing it off. You know, problems come and go be it small or big.

My teenage years was not easy, I took all the low blows of life that I couldn't even dudge. I struggled too much that when I thought all my predicaments were over I looked back proud of what I have become and what I accomplished, I thought all I had to do was to be on top, eyes on the prize and I will definitely get there. But life has its ups and downs, it is good in shenanigans.
My coping mechanism  changed, little by little the things I was good at turned to be the reason of my anxiety, I instantaneously got kicked off track. I mentally became weaker, emotionally drained and unsteady. I enjoyed heated arguments, it's addicting especially when I felt I won. I gave the world a recipe for my own disaster. I didn't know how it all start but I came to realize that something was wrong with me, I realized that it progressed to severe. 
The moment I came aware of what was happening inside me, the harder it was to control. There were instances that I breakdown, I cried for no reason, yes NO REASON. There was too much pressure inside me, too much thoughts that I couldn't help thinking, everything was too much and I thought no one was there to back me up. I had been in a lot worse situations in my life that it should have been nothing but it felt that it was something I couldn't pull through, I know I am tough but there's this bigger shadow dwelling inside me, eating me whole. I was in an unknown battle, it's like falling into invisible quicksand that swallowed me unaware and no one sees it. It's a perpetuating emotion, Even I could not figure what's happening.

In random days at work, when I thought I was focused and being productive or while I'm talking  to somebody my mind flick away unconsciously, it was leading me to my dark  thoughts. I was thinking of a way to end everything, like where is the best spot to hung myself? Is the ceiling beam strong enough to carry my weight? How thick is the rope I need? Should I write a letter blaming all the people I hate so they will live with guilt for the rest of their lives? Will I make it to the front page of news papers if I do a facebook live while doing it?
Then I snapped back to my consiousness, I couldn't believe that it's envading my mental well-being even when I keep things productive, it was very alarming, those thoughts sent shivers down my spine. Now, I understand why many victims of depression ended their lives, sure they never wanted a miserable ending but there's that monster that urged them to do things they never imagined they're capable of doing, they were slain.
Funny that I also came across the idea of jumping off the building but perceived that I'd die with a distorted face, I must look good on my funeral I said to myself, at least for the last time people would see my angelic face (all kidding aside), so I shooed away that idea.  That's hilariously sickening.
I seeked professional help, numerous times I had couselling with Psychologists. Our society has common misconception in treating our mental issues, seeing one is not an indication that you have it. It's good to voice your thoughts to someone who will not judge you and trained to handle cases similar to yours. It helped me a lot.
I quit my job, too. For almost a decade I worked in an intricate nature of job that often deals with furious people, everyday is like eating hamburger in every meal. It's ludicrous that I give my hand to people when I have issues within me that needed to be fixed. Quitting your job is not always the best solution but if you think that would help you, go for it, that doesn't mean you're giving up, you are just helping yourself to escape from whatever that makes you feel sad, it's better to try that than losing it, than losing you. When the going gets tough the tough get going- NO! When the going gets tough sometimes we need to pause and rest.

Aside from help of the professionals and quiting my job, the people who truly care for me was one  of the biggest factors that slowly put my feet back on track.
I truly I appreciate the littlest effort I received from people who care for me. The never ending chat and calls I had with few of my friends, the unscheduled wee hour dinner, the words of encouragement and innumerable love I received from all of them. I see these as the trumpet call from God, to open my eyes, to look around and know that there are people who will always be there to catch me whenever I fall. I couldn't be happier. 



When it feels like the entire world is against you, you’ve always got a friend in yourself, and when it gets to that moment in your life when you feel there’s no alternative and you want to end it, remember that in your life there’s gonna be stupidity coming at you from a never ending-parade of bigoted assholes. The only way to  survive that is to make yourself the grand marshall.


● Love yourself and accept the love from others

● No matter how ugly life gets, always remind yourself that in this world there are people getting a harder blow and messier than you are.

● Use your will power. Prayers are not wishlist.

● I now understand the line "rest if you must but don't quit".

● I learned that winning an argument doesn't make you a winner, and losing it is not always a defeat. Sometimes we just have to be the bigger person.

● Remember that being volatile won't earn you respect.

● I see that people are well educated of depression nowadays, if you think you have it, do not hesitate to open up to your closest friends or family. Or maybe seek professional help if it gets out of hand

● Always find time to be with your family. Just being with them is enough to temporarily extinguish the turmoil inside your head.

● Life is not always rainbows and cupcakes but with God's grace you can slay dragons.

● Do not look at other people's basket because yours is special.

● Life is not a race. When you think you are miles behind others let your eyes see not the finish line but the beautiful scenery of your journey.

● It's all about how gracefully you fought and dance along the trials you overcame and that is solid gold.

Feeling better takes time, even so at least now I feel that my life is in my hand again. My self improvement is still a work in progress. I want to thank everyone who became part of my journey and those who will continue to walk with me. I want to thank the people who stood behind me through all the hardships and mishaps, I hope they won't get tired of giving me the hug when I most needed them. I also want to thank ULTIMA VITAMINS for keeping me on the go when I just felt like lying on my bed the entire day, especially now that I work in a more active environment. Stress still pays a regular visit but thanks to Ultima Vitamins for keeping me on track! I hope this short narrative inspires my readers who are struggling in finding their way back, the fire inside you never weakened, it's there, and once you find it you will be tougher than you ever was.

Let's cheers to more hurdles we will surely overcome


I wrote numerous articles for various wellness centers and spa here in Manila, each has its own style and technique that made them distinct on my blog reviews, and so was the recent health and wellness services I had at The life Extension Wellness Center. Located at Unit 307-311 Bell Kenz Towers in East Ave. Quezon City, it was my first time to try some of the services they offer.  By the way The Life Extension is more of a health and Wellness Center than a spa, their approach is more comprehensive to optimize their client’s well-being, they have sought after medical equipment that deliberately provide effective and far reaching impacts to achieve the client’s desired result.

Stress is part of my everyday life and I built a strong camaraderie with it, it’s going to be a lifetime relationship I figure and I just embrace it, it’ll always be there so better find a tranquil way to deal with it. At least there are places like The life Extension that makes you forget the reality and giving you a ticket for at least an hour of rejuvenating treatment, we all owe it to ourselves.


The wooden sauna looks like the real deal I told myself, true enough it was great. This was the first service I tried at The Life Extension. Sauna is not new to me, I’d tried identical services to other spas and gyms, it is only that this Bio Clarity steam bath can only fit one person at a time.
While we’re doing the service one of the staff gave us an oriented us about the benefit of having Bio Clarity if taken regularly, it helps detoxify our body and release body toxins through sweating, also the 20 minutes into a thorough steam is equivalent to 3 hours of your work out. Fantastic!

TLEI’m certain that it was my first time to try TMP, ever. They have this tool (like your lamp shade at home) that emits infrared light directly to your skin, in my case I was complaining a back ache so they focused the TMP light on my back. The sensation was similar to exposing your skin to the 7am ray of sun, it was really good, it felt really old school when you’re trying to get the heat of the sun and lifting up the back of your shirt so it can penetrate to your skin, that very same feeling. TMP is a must try.

This is one of my favorites, too.
I know not everyone is open to an idea of soaking their bodies in their bath tub mixed with activated charcoal, it may look as messy at it appears but I guarantee that it wont cause any harm to your skin, or a discoloration if you think it’ll change skin complexion, it won’t stick to your skin. The activated Charcoal Bath is an effective detox bath and a good relief for your sore muscles after a long stressful day. After I had the Charcoal Bath I thought of a way to do it at home when I realized we don’t have a bath tub. Next.

This is an hour of heaven. Seeing my previous blog reviews, I covered numerous businesses of almost the same service. I’m not new to different kinds of massage especially to Swedish massage. Again, just like the TMP, it was also my first time to try Lympathic Massage. It’s a therapeutic massage that generally helps our immune system to distribute oxygen through out our system, it build up lymph fluid that allows our body to release toxins and regulate a good blod flow too. This is surely not your ordinary massage.

And lastly I tried Diathermy, another medical therapeutic technique that uses electric current. I remember they put a gel on my back and they started the procedure using a flat rounded tool. The heat coming from equipment was soothing my back pain, I heard this is usually used by Occupational and Physical Therapist as it help restore tissues and muscle after series of therapies. This is a must try service for everyone especially those who work in a physically demanding environment, you all need this.

I enjoyed all services from The Life Extension, it gave me a completely different experience like no other. Thanks again The Life Extension for letting me try you services, I hope to comeback soon for other services I missed to try.


Bell-Kenz Tower - Unit 307-311 #127 Malakas Street, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Details:
Call (02) 911 1314


Flying from Manila to other domestic destinations is something I get used to, I live in Taguig and getting to the airport was never a problem to me unless there’s terrible traffic congestion along major road I’m enroute to which commonly happens, this predicament somehow is a good avenue for some travelers to take other optional route. For me, NAIA is still the most convenient flight to take and most of the time getting there is easy, hence the crowd of waiting passengers is the least view I would enjoy. My recent trip to the islands of Panay made me take a breathe of fresh air when it comes to my alternative route flying to Iloilo, we took Clark International Airport in Pampanga, from Manila we drove 2 hours or less.

It was my first time in this airport and I was amazed by its undemanding atmosphere, likely because it’s not crowded that somehow lessen the eye stressing mood. The entire check-in process including the luggage check didn’t take an hour, even the schedule flight was on time. 
This year, Airasia Clark opened its new domestic routes to Tacloban, Palawan and Iloilo, providing wider options for travelers in the Northern and Central Luzon. This sets for more opportunities and more reason to travel, we should attentively check out low based fair from this new hub from time to time. If you’re a fan of Piso Fare, trick that works is always check the fare rate at this airport, you would likely ace the best fare rate you can ever imagine as most people tend to overcrowd the airport in Manila during the seat sale.

Must know: 
-  Be there on time, at least 2 hours before the ETD
-        - Have your itinerary ready for check-in
-        - Do an online check-in to save time and print your boarding pass
-        - Bring at least two valid ID’s
-       -   Make sure to bring just allowable carry on otherwise you’ll need to pay for the check-in fee
-  Do not bring hazardous substances and other prohibited items   

It's always been a pleasure and great experience to fly with one of the leading airlines in the coutry, with its larger access to more provinces of the Philippines I hope it aids business owners and people will be encouraged to travel and boost the Tourism Industry. Till our next fly AirAsia!
For cheap flights online check out their website

Check out my Panay Islands travel guides below:


Our goal to this recent Panay Loop Adventure aside from basking in the tour is to capture the best of what they have in the Western Visayas. We, Bloggers in collaboration with Las Islas travel and Tours, Air Asia and Local Tourism offices of Panay provinces made this trip possible. We had a blast in Antique! I was asking myself how the enchanting beauty of Antique remains unknown, this made me think that I'm in the right set of circumstances and there is possibility to discover more in this trip and true enough, I did.

Let’s jump to the next stop, a well known mystical province in the region, the untainted province of Capiz. I heard it was dubbed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, so before we even commence to this trip I anticipated a feast of mouthful seafood being served and guess what? We started the trip with a gala of sumptuous seafood dishes, it was divine. If you're in the process of trying to lose weight try other provinces instead, Capiz is probably the biggest place in the country ultimately prolific with seafood which we can all hardly defy (lol).



It was noon time when we started crossing out the list on our itinerary (after lunch) we embarkked to a quick boat ride to Mabaay Island, a small islet in Ivisan that boast a fine cream colored sand with crystalline water, I also like the mini sand-bar that comes prominently visible when it's lowtide, this island reminds me of Sombrero Island in Masbate. We spent almost the entire time in just taking photos, we barely gave ourselves a dip until our guide signaled that we needed to leave and catch the next stop on the itinerary.




We didnt take a dip in Maabay so it made us move faster for the next destination, Cabugao Verdant Farm. This place was set up just a little while back, a farm bed and breakfast located in Cabugao, Ivisan, Capiz. 

As we enter Cabugao Farm our guide instructed that we'll only stay here for 20 minutes, probably just a quick stop to try some signatured dishes and delicacies, check out the activities available for their guests but the 20 minutes turned way beyond that. Overwhelmed with the warmest welcome and food they served, we found out that structures at the farm including the house of the owner were made out of Yolanda ruins (Typhoone Haiyan). According to the owner they took over the property after the typhoon, severely damaged, they restored the area for a good come back, sheared trees were rebuilt and now we're seeing the product of Yolanda's fury formed in a newly formed aesthetic features. There's this short canopy connected to the reception where you can enjoy their sumptous meals, you can also harvest eggs from their farm, too. Other activities for big groups are also available.


After having refreshing snacks and light hearted chit chats at Cabugao Verdant Farm we advanced to the town and try the "Palirong", this is the local version of tricycle in Capiz. The size of Palirong is similar to the usual tricycle we see, the only difference is the roof installed. Originally Palirong is used by farmers but they tweaked its use to something more useful, this vehicle can carry up to 20 passengers according to the locals, this is something you must try when you visit the town.


Santa Monica Parish Church/Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Mónica is a century old church and considered one of the oldest churches in panay, this houses the biggest Christian Church Bell in Asia, the Dakong Lingganay (meaning Big Bell), it weighs 10.4 tons and built with 70 sacks of coins. The church walls are made out of solid coral stones that intensifies its primeval atmosphere, though some parts of the church was being renovated when we paid a visit, hence most of its original structures remain intact.




We headed to the city center to visit some other significant landmarks like the Roxas Cathedral, Roxas City Fountain, Panublion Museum, etc. Couple of minute drive from the city center was our last stop, The Palina. We arrived at the eventide so there's nothing more to see but the glittering sunset of Capiz, though the dusk slowly approaches we still managed to proceed to the river cruise, we had our dinner at the bamboo raft in candlelit set up. This is a quintessential way to end our capiz tour.


Other  places I have visited in Capiz:
Manuel Roxas Ancestral House
Rizal Monument
My afterword on my Capiz jaunt? IT WAS SHORT BUT SWEET!  

If you want to try out something new I guarantee Capiz will never fail you. The photos in this article can never give the better view to what I experienced, something even the best camera can’t capture. This trip gave me a different impression of what Capiz is, truth be told this province is far from the mystical stories we heard, Capiz is truly captivating. I want to thank Mayor Felipe Neri Yap, our guide who assisted us the entire Capiz trip, Sir Rophine Visorio. AlsoAtty. Helen Catalbas of DOT Region 6Las Islas Travel and Tours, AirAsia Philippines and Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office for letting us Capture Capiz. My experience is a story worth sharing and hopefully inspire those who are deeply skeptical to visit the province, I will surely see you again Capiz.



Capiz was my second destination in the Panay Loop, our jump off province was Antique. Past 8am when we drove to Capiz.


12nn- 2:30pm

- Patio Beach (Jump-off point to Maabay Island)

- Lunch before the island hopping

- Mabaay Island



- Cabugao Verdant Farm


- Palirong Tricycle Ride

- Sta. Monica Parish Church and Church Bell

- Ivisan Pasalubong Center

- Ivisan Museum

- Sunset viewing and bamboo raft dinner at Palina River Cruise

Las Islas Travel and Tours

How to get there?
You may contact:
Las Islas Travel and Tours
Punta Dulog, Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City, Capiz
(just right across the Roxas City Terminal)
(G) 0917-709-3856 / (S) 0939-534-0828 / (L) 036-521-0725

You can also reach:

Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
Adress: 2nd Floor, Capiz Provincial Capitol 5800 Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines.
Tel No. (+63 36) 6210 - 042 local 133
Telefax No. (+63 36) 6212- 935

For DIY Trip:

We flew from AirAsia Clark to Iloilo, from there you take several options going to Capiz, the most common is via Ceres Bus (3-4hrs) or you can take van plying from Iloilo to Roxas. Getting around Capiz isn’t too hard, people are honest and friendly.


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